Business line

The competitive advantages of Bavina are the manufacture/supply of garments to the mid to upper market segment, through the utilization of diverse manufacturing methods:

  • CMPT (Cutting- Making- Packing- Trim): The primary export processing mode which ensures meeting requirements on quality, delivery time, etc.
  • OEM/ FOB (Original Equipment Manufacturing): Bavina has developed an active supply process "buy raw materials, sell semi-finished products" with enough capacity to deliver into high quality categories at a reasonable price. Along with our Japanese working style, we are confident that we have earned trust from our customers around the world.
  • ODM (Original Design Manufacturing)

We are actively developing the capacity to design models based on our customers’ ideas through to manufacturing stage and finished product, promoting higher levels of creativity and greater product value.

  • A recent innovation of Bavina is the manufacture and retail distribution of garments within Vietnam under Bavina’s own brands, which has helped to strengthen its position in the industry as well as deliver the reputation earned from its Japanese export manufacture activities into Bavina products as a prestige brand for Vietnamese consumers.
  • Supply of materials for garments

Intent on seizing the opportunity of the removal of tariff from locally sourced garment materials when the TPP Agreement comes into effect, Bavina is ahead of the pack and is building a material supply chain in anticipation of the opportunity. Using its experience of meeting high quality criteria in the Japanese market they are confident that they will competitive and skilled with the selection and application of imported materials.