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Why is Garment business made in Vietnam

“With the intrinsic advantages and expectations arising from the Free Trade Agreements as they come into effect, the Vietnamese textile and garment industry is adapting to comprehensive changes in the depth and breadth of the international market.”

The above statement by international experts affirms Vietnams position as one of the countries with the highest growth rate in the textile and garment industry, leading to its emergence as a popular destination of worldwide textile and garment partners.

In particularly, competitive advantages include quality, price, reasonable labor cost and its strategic geographic location including a coastline which stretches over 3,000 kilometers to facilitate cargo transportation between Vietnam and regional & global markets; Above all, with the expectations that the TPP and FTA EU agreements and that Vietnam will seek to reduce tariffs to 0%, this is considered to be "a golden opportunity" for Vietnams textile and garment industry to undergo tremendous growth.


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